Sunday, February 28, 2016

Board Exams - Take it Easy

Board Exams – Take it easy
All the Best for your Exams dear Friends
Its examination time. The day has come for which we kept waiting for a long time.  We all are are prepared for our exams. Some of you  feel that you have not studied properly or forgetting everything , this is quite natural and it happens with everyone  only degree varies from person to person. Study time is over its time to put it on paper. Three hours in the examination hall are very important.  Remain positive about everything. As I have already said, your brain is a God made computer and everything you have studied , heard in the classroom or  read in the news paper are there , you brain knows how to retrieve it at the right time. Those who have studied light and sound know about interference of waves. When  waves are in the same phase they produce constructive effect and its value increases  and when they are in opposite phase their value decreases. So don’t create negative waves by thinking negative, don’t think about result thing about question and answer it.  Even if you have made some mistake in one of your papers it finishes with the paper itself, thinking again and again about your mistake  creates pressure in your mind which reduces it efficiency and effects your health. Remain happy talk to family and friend and relax even during your examination period . You have to keep good physical and mental health all through your exams and even after that.

Wish you all a grand success.