Saturday, March 19, 2016

College Entrance - Few tips

Dear Friends
CBSE along with many state boards have conducted their exams and other state board exams will soon finish. All of you will be planning for college education and many of you will be appearing for Engineering , Medical , CLAT  and other such exams.
 Along with you even your parents are stressed about your entrance and there must be few parents who are more tensed  then their wards. Everyone wants to go to the best college.  Few of you must have started revising for your exams.  Most of the exams are objective type and they have negative marking. This marking system also creates confusion about attempting a question. Coaching classes are mushrooming on every nook and corner of a locality and are teaching their students to take up exams in a better manner. This whole system makes every one more tensed. However, this is not the time to get stressed, be cool. I will say it again that your brain is God made computer, let it function properly.
 Giving it load might hamper its efficiency.  Attempt questions carefully. First mark those answers for which you are sure.  You might get confused on few questions  analyse it, eliminate the wrong answer and you can end up finding the correct answer.  Don’t do  a lot of guess  work.  Mark fairly good number of answers so that you have a chance to make a place in the merit list. Don’t get stressed. Little anxiety and stress has positive impact it makes you more alert but excess of it hamper your performance. Parents are advised to support their children by giving positive vibes and moral support, even if their child is unable to perform well in these exams, they will find some other way. These exams are just for admission in a college; they are not a deciding factor of your life.
Students from small town and “average” colleges also give excellent performance in their carrier and life. Revise formulae, reactions and other such type of things. Don’t leave easy chapters even they are asked in exams and they carry equal marks. Instead of working hard on difficult topics try to revise those topics in which you are comfortable. Take 6 to 8 hour sleep before going for your exams, it increases your mental efficiency. Eat light food, fruits, juices and glucose before exams. Don’t discuss much before entering examination hall, it creates confusion and makes you nervous.  Remember these small things and do well in your exams. All the best