Sunday, May 31, 2015

World no Tobacco Day -May 31

World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) is observed around the world every year on May 31. It is intended to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe. Samedna -a society for global concerns, Shaktishali mahila Sangathan Shivpuri and Child line Shivpuri organised an awareness program at Bansagar to educate people about disadvantages of consuming tobacco and tobacco related products. Addicted youths were specifically targeted by the members of these organisations. They got convinced and promised to leave this bad habit . They also promised that they will stop others too from taking tobacco which creates health, social problems

. They all agreed that this is he root cause of all problems.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Plum Headed parakeet- A day for parakeets

Seeing plum headed parakeet both male and female was  an amazing experience. Parakeets in general are very beautiful and their activities and calls have attracted  us so much that they are kept in cage even now.But I feel that watching them free is a great pleasure. I was close to nature from last so many years and had great appreciation for nature and my stay at Shivpuri brought me much much more closer to it. Watching beautiful colourful birds became my pass time or hobby. I started studying about them and now , I will not hesitate in saying that I have fallen in love with this beautiful creation of God. Today morning when I was sitting in my garden a flock of parakeets landed at the top of a tree close to me. I saw grey headed parakeets with yellow beak, They were slightly smaller than the common parakeet. I had seen  male plum headed parakeet in winters and thought the new grey head parakeet to be of different species but on going through book I came to know that it is female of plum headed parakeet. Story does't end here. Their was a small hole in the stem of tree and I saw two female fighting for home. I have recorded that beautiful fight for land.
Our organisation is motivating people to keep food and water for birds and I have kept few pots on floor and  have hanged few of them on various places so that all types of birds could get water easily.
I saw a common parakeet trying to drink water from one of the pots hanging on the branch of. I could see it assessing wether  it will be safe for it to sit on pot. Then s/he decided to sip water without sitting on the pot. It was really interesting to watch its acrobatics. It will not be wrong to say that it was a parakeets day.

Plum Headed Parakeets

plum headed parakeet - Nov 2014 Shivpuri
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Rose ringed Parakeet trying to drink water from earthen pot hanging on a tree. Intelligent parakeet know that this small pot won't support its weight so it decided to hang upside down to take a sip  in this hpt summer.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Saved Life of Little egret

In the evening time we were sitting out in our lawn. It was getting dark and things were becoming invisible. I saw a white cotton type thing lying on floor at a distance of 4-5 meter.I thought it is a polythene o a cloth.

Then someone came to my ask and asked me if that duck is our pet. I was surprised on his question. I went there and saw that it was a little cattle Egret.lying still even when i reached there. My pet dog snowy also followed me, seeing  dog it any how flew and sat on the hedge.It was really difficult for it to stay there.
Cattle egret unable to stand 

  I asked that person to catch it and check what he problem is. There was a wound under its wing . On of its leg was also hurt. We applied ointment on its wound and called staff from Madhav National park so that it can be given proper treatment and a safe place to live till it is fine to touch the sky again. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

International Day for Biological diversity-22nd May 2015

Samvedna - a society for human development and Shaktishali Mahila Sangthan Shivpuri celebrated Intrnational biodiversity day at Gandhi colony Shivpuri. Resident of colony participted in the program with full enthusiasm,  We tried to create awareness about importance of biodiversity, A painting competition was organised in which  around 20 children participated. They made beautiful painting showing their perception regarding biodiversity. We chose school children for this purpose to reach whole of the family. If these children will understand this from today they will make a big difference tomorrow.  
Children ready to participate in painting competition
Children promising to keep water for brds

children receiving earthen pots

Happy with their creation

Prize winner Dhruv Gupta
Chirag receiving Prize

Kanika receiving prize

Children enjoyed participating in this event. They promised to take care of biodiversity around them and not to harm any of the living hings because rich biodiversity makes healthy ecosystem.