Monday, February 8, 2016

A Leter to students appearing for Board Exams 2016 Small tips to win the Battle (The Board Exam)-

 A Leter to students appearing for Board Exams 2016
Small tips to win the Battle (The Board Exam)-
Dear Friends
All the best for your Board Exams. You have studied a lot till now, ist time to recall and put them on your answer sheet. Anxiety about question paper and marks is quite normal but for performing well in exams you have to keep calm and composed. Your brain is like a computer which saves all your files properly, and with right command you can retrieve ihe right file on right time. If you click your mouse again and again without giving required time your computer shows error, same is the case with your brain too. So please keep calm, don’t get stressed, don’t think about marks or result. Instead of reading your syllabuses again and again try solving previous year’s question papers. It will be better if you do them in allotted time, but don’t get nervous if you are unable to finish it in stipulated time or finding them difficult. Check answers of difficult questions and note in a separate register so that you can go through them whenever you get time. You are likely to get few similar or same questions in your exams.
It is generally seen that students give more importance to their optional subjects and neglect language and other so called additional subjects, remember all subjects have equal weightage and many colleges include English marks in their cutoffs. So do justice with language and additional subjects.
While revising your subject  go through in text questions and information given in coloured and bold fonts, they make a question in Board exams. Solve NCERT questions and solved examples, they are asked quite often.
Try to solve High Order Thinking (HOT) questions for practice.
Social networking sites and people around you keep talking about success and failure, don’t pay much attention to it. Online frenzy can disturb your peace of mind.. Be yourself think about today and give your 100% to your studies. Have faith on God, Efforts made on these days will result in big awards. Some children stop eating and some of them start hogging food. Both these things are not good, eat light and healthy food , avoid junk food. Your food has great impact on functioning of your brain.
Do’s and Don’ts –
1.      Eat light food and adequate amount of fresh, green leafy vegetables. Drink planity of fluids and water.
2.      Avoid junk and heavy food.
3.      Revise highlighted and in text questions given in NCERT Books.
4.      Solve previous year question papers.
5.      Revise short questions like a game with your friend or parents.
6.      Do Yoga/Meditation to keep calm and for better  performance.
7.      Go for a walk or listen light music for relaxation.
8.      Don’t compare your studies or yourself with anyone else.
9.      Don’t be superstitious. God is great.

Wish you all a great success.