Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thoughtless development leads to disaster.

When earth   get over burdened it balances it self, I think this what happened few days back. Human being the most intelligent creation of God has over exploited nature which caused unbearable pressure on earth as a result of which natural cycle got disturbed and led to disaster.  Due to burgeoning population, living space is being reduced  and population density of India is increasing. Constructions are being done on areas that use to serve as catchment area during rains.  I could see roads breaking due to flow of water and if I am not wrong many places lacked grass and shrubs which act as strong soil binder, so plantation of not only big trees  but also shrubs and grasses should be  done in these areas , especially in hilly (inclined ) areas. By improving our developmental policies and giving nature priority we can reduce disaster. Proper education regarding disaster management should be given from school level. Disaster management is introduced  at school but is not taught seriously. Awareness regarding disaster management is a must and efforts should be made at  local level.