Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shivpuri, M.P , India -Paradise of Beautiful Birds

 Birds are very important  part of our ecosystem. they play an important role in pollination controlling harmful insects seed dispersal and scavenging the environment.I addition to all these they have great aesthetic importance due to their vibrant colours, beautiful shape and very sweet chirping sound and playful activities.Shivpuri where Madhav National Park is located is rich in biodiversity. This place is the paradise of beautiful resident as well as migratory birds.Various species of birds can be spotted throughout the year not only in National park but also in nearby areas and even in the city. Birder group was formed by the organisation to create awareness among people regarding this beautiful creation of God. Asian Koel , Common Indian Myna, Bank Myna, Brahminy Starling, Oriental Magpie-Robin,Black headed cuckoo-Shrike,Black drongo,white bellied Drongo,Indian Roller,Red vented Bulbul, White eared Bulbul,  Wattled Lapwing,  Jungle Babblers, Lesser pied Kingfisher, Blue Kingfisher any many more are easily spotted here.


Night Jar-

Matting in Collared Kingfisher -Video link

Pair of King fisher, left - female, right Male

 Asian Golden Oriole- Spotted at Madhav National Park , Shivpuri, M.P, India dated 11 may 2014

Common  Myna-  
Common myna is looking for nesting site, tree hollow and broken street lamp were among  preferred  sites. Indian roller is also looking for nesting site on the same tree i.e same tree hollow.There was competition between these two birds for same tree hollow. Battle could be seen between them and Indian Roller won this time.

Red Vented Bulbul-

White eared Bulbul-

 Koel Male and Female- male is black and female is spotted brown

 Call of Asian Koel can be seen by visiting-

Asian Drongo-

White bellied drongo-

Indian Roller (Neel Kanth)-  Watching Indian roller is really a fun. It perches on bare trees or wires. This Indian roller has selected a tree located in my garden, and has selected the same tree for nesting. It comes daily, can be easily seen during morning and evening on the same tree. 

 Neelkanth has selected a tree hollow in my campus and is waiting for his( soul )mate  .  Three Indian Rollers were seen once on the same seems that rest two got paired and this one was left alone.

Common Hoopoe-

 Jungle Crow-

Crow Pheasant (greater Caucal)- Physical Road,(4km away from Madhav National Park) Shivpuri. M.P. India dated 10th May 2014-

Eurasian Tree Sparrow- male (shivpuri , M.P, 2nd may 2014)- spotted near Madhav National Park, Shivpuri

Female -

House Crow-

Jungle Myna-

Parakeet- Spotted at Physical Road, Shivpuri (May 2014)

Jungle Babbler- Shivpuri, M.P. India , May 2014- It is really entertaining watching these Jungle Babblers who live in flocks of 5 to 7 and are commonly known as seven sisters or Sath Bhai.

They hop on  ground and feed on insects.

 They go inside hedges also while foraging. Babbler in the picture below can be seen searching for insects inside Thuja hedge.

Large Grey Babbler-

Niligiri wood pigeon_

 Spottted at Shivpuri, M.P., India ,  8th May 2014- Nilgiri wood pigeon is very beautiful bird.The pigeon is grey in colour and has vey distinct black and white checks on its neck.This is a vulnerable speciesIt is included in Red list of threatened species od IUCN..

White eared Bulbul-


Red Whiskered Bulbul-

Purple Sun Bird - This tiny bird (8 to 10 cm) can easily be seen sitting on flowers.
It feeds on nectar. It has got brilliant shining colour.Neck has metallic shine.

Brahminy starling-

 White Throated Kingfisher -

This Kingfisher was spotted at sailing club Shivpuri, M.P.  (5-5-2014), Observing Kingfisher so closely was a beautiful experience. Kingfisher is colorful bird. Its vibrant colours can easily inspire fashion designers in selecting colour combinations.

Help me in identifying these birds-