Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why celebrate World Oceans Day -8th June

Pollution level is increasing every day and Carbon dioxide level has reached 400 ppm in spite of various efforts done in National and International level. Time has come to join hands and involve people at grass root level. Celebration of World Ocean Day is a step in this direction. Celebration of World Oceans Day, started unofficially from 8 June since its original proposal in 1992 by Canada at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.It was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2008 with a purpose of sensitizing people about Oceanic pollution.

People living on landlocked area might feel it not so important and can opine that we are not responsible for polluting ocean and we will not be effected by pollution of ocean. But It is a well known fact that water is a very good solvent and all the water directly or indirectly reaches Ocean. We can say that all shots of pollution end up in water pollution or oceanic pollution. Now the question arises what difference does it make on people living on land locked area and why should they bother about,for them it could be a method of getting rid of pollution what most of the people thought and are responsible for this level of pollution.But water air and other natural resources  are not bounded by physical or geographical boundaries. Human activity in any part of the world are effect it and are in turn effected by it. Even if we are not living in coastal area we are using them in food , as precious stone. It act as sea rout for international trade. So we should keep in mind that we should not pollute sea shore when we visit a beach should remember that pollution in any part of earth will pollute whole world.Remember the theme of World Ocean Day " Together we have the power to protect the ocean" and do the following-
·         Change attitudes — encourage individuals to think about what the oceans mean to each of us, and what oceans have to offer.
·         Learn — discover the wealth of diverse and beautiful creatures and habitats found in the oceans, and how our actions affect them.
·         Change our ways — encourage each of us to become caretakers of our oceans, and to conserve them for our future.
·         Celebrate — organize or participate in ocean events, whether we live inland or on the coast.