Sunday, May 24, 2015

Saved Life of Little egret

In the evening time we were sitting out in our lawn. It was getting dark and things were becoming invisible. I saw a white cotton type thing lying on floor at a distance of 4-5 meter.I thought it is a polythene o a cloth.

Then someone came to my ask and asked me if that duck is our pet. I was surprised on his question. I went there and saw that it was a little cattle Egret.lying still even when i reached there. My pet dog snowy also followed me, seeing  dog it any how flew and sat on the hedge.It was really difficult for it to stay there.
Cattle egret unable to stand 

  I asked that person to catch it and check what he problem is. There was a wound under its wing . On of its leg was also hurt. We applied ointment on its wound and called staff from Madhav National park so that it can be given proper treatment and a safe place to live till it is fine to touch the sky again.