Tuesday, March 10, 2015

International Women's Day Celebration with Adivasis women in village Toda and Devri of Pohari Block of Shivpuri district,M.P, India

Interacting with women of Toda village
It has adivasi people and people belonging to Valmi samaj  (as told by women who came to celebrate international Women's day). We talked about their problems and came to know about water crisis. They told us that they bathe their children in 3-4 days because thay dont have enough water to drink even. sanitation problem was clearly visible. Most of the people of this village work as labour and majority of women had gone to work on farms . No medical facility could be seen there. Although women of the village were satisfied with the education of the village but only one women who is anganvadi sahayika was educated upto 5th class and told that she can read and write. All other women told that they are illitrate. A young lady who was most well dressed told that she had studied upto 5th standard but has forgotten everything and can't read or write.Samvedna -a society for global concerns and Shaktishali Mahila Sangathan motivated them to stand for themselves. All the women present there said that they are able to solve they problems and will take steps in thius direction. They all promised that they will educate their children particularly daughters.

International Women's day at Devari Village of Pohari Block-
Devrikala village is on the main road and people of this village are in better position then the people of Toda Village.Most of the families have farms and cattles. Ms Kesar is the newly appointed sarpanch of this village. Women were unsatisfied with the development of the village.We honoured Ms kesar for her success and discussed problems of village with her. The newly appointed sarpanch Ms. Kesar said that she will work for the betterment of society she will solve problems. Women were very much unsatisfied with the education and were saying that their children are not learning any thing in the school. Children of all age group are going either to Anganvadi or to school and are getting mid day meal and other support provided by M,P government.Mr.Ravi Goyal and Mr. Pramod Yadav of Shaktishali Mahila Sangathan and Dr, Chitra Shrivastav of Samvedna promised them to give timely help and guidance from time to time.