Monday, October 20, 2014

MrNarain. Prajapati of Shivpuri- Protecting human being and wild life

Ghodapachchad, Daman or rat snake is a poisonous snake with long body  and pattern on dorsal side . This snake was seen in the branch of a tree and was creeping from one branch to another.  Mr. Prajapati with his Forest rescue team came and caught it with the help of tools to release in forest.

Ghoda Pachchad on tree.

Mr. Narayan Prajapati with Ghodapachchad snake

Mr. Prajapati works on daily wages in forest department. He is member of wildlife rescue team. He is expert in handling wildlife particularly reptiles.He is in this field for last 10years. He has caught about 500 hundreds of snakes ,Monitor Lizards  and crocodiles. He uses forceps Tong and gunny bags for this purpose. He is catching an Indian Minitor Lizard commonly known as Goh . His team catches these wild lfe from houses or public place and leave them in Madhav National Park.
Narayan Prajapati with Monitor Lizard

9 Nov 2014-Not a luck day for Mr. Prajapati
A man riding on his bike suddenly saw a crocodile on road , he got scared and could not control his bike and fell  on the ground. Forest department was soon informed abut this crocodile . Rescue team reached the spot without delay and Mr Prajapati caught that crocodile . Crocodile bit Mr. Prajapati's hand and he was hospitalised in the district hospital.